Ethics Counsel


Sparkman + Foote LLP serves as ethics counsel to lawyers and law firms.

Proactively obtaining preventative guidance can keep lawyers and firms on a sound ethical footing in their practice. But, as a lawyer, despite your best efforts and intentions, you may find yourself faced with an ethical dilemma, or worse, a grievance, and very little can do more to ruin a good day. Know that we can help.

Firm founders Allen Sparkman and Doug Foote are long-time members of the Ethics Committee of the Colorado Bar Association. Doug Foote is a past chair of the Committee, as well as Chair of the Multidisciplinary and Multi-Jurisdictional Practice Task Force of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations. Allen Sparkman is a member of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers and the Texas Center for Legal Ethics. Both are members of the American Bar Association’s Center for Professional Responsibility.

Whether you are faced with a grievance, an ethical dilemma or simply want to be proactive in obtaining guidance on ethical matters, we invite you to call Doug or Allen to discuss your situation.

Doug and Allen also are available to provide expert witness services in matters regarding professional responsibility and ethics, standards of practice, attorneys fees, and related issues.


Contact: Allen Sparkman; Doug Foote