Business Formation

One of the most important decisions a prospective business owner faces is choosing whether the business should be conducted through a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or some other form of entity. Another and separate decision concerns the method of federal taxation the entity will use.

Sparkman + Foote’s lawyers analyze your business goals and guide you through the business, tax, liability, and other factors important to these decisions. The firm has decades of experience in advising on, negotiating with other prospective owners, and documenting the formation of business entities. Our attorneys will guide you through every step of the business formation process, and will do so with special attention to avoiding future disputes.

Several Sparkman + Foote LLP attorneys write, speak, and educate attorneys, accountants and others on the subject of entity formation and operation.

Contact: Allen Sparkman; Doug Foote; Christina Saunders; John Koechel; Valery Treida