Entity Veil Piercing

Business owners must be aware that disgruntled creditors may seek to have the entity disregarded and enforce the entity’s debts against the owners personally. These cases are fact-specific and are generally decided on the basis of the law of the state of the entity’s formation. State laws vary and have been changing over the past decade, driven by court decisions and by statutory corrections. Many entity veils have been pierced inappropriately because the correct legal arguments were not presented at trial, nor even on appeal. The firm’s lawyers follow this area of the law, represent both owners and creditors, serve as expert witnesses, and speak nationally in this area. When specialized assistance is needed – and when a business owner is sued personally it is needed by most litigators – call us for expert insight into your client’s trial situation. Call as soon as you get the service copy from your client, for planning should start immediately.

Contact: Allen Sparkman