Estate Tax, Wills, Trusts & Foundations

Sparkman + Foote LLP’s attorneys have experience in advising its clients on estate tax, trusts and foundations. Specifically, our attorneys have advised clients on estate planning for estates with assets ranging from a small amount to large at over $60,000,000. Sparkman + Foote LLP knows the tools that a good estate planning attorney has in his or her tool kit. We also understand and make important consideration to what our client wants. We have advised clients on a variety of issues, including several clients on family foundation matters, including program-related investments. Sparkman + Foote LLP attorneys also advise clients on when using a donor-advised fund or other community foundation vehicle more appropriately serves the client’s wishes than a family foundation.

A strong history of experience we have in estate planning is in asset protection, otherwise called “wealth preservation.” We work well in conjunction with your wealth management adviser. This history include domestic and foreign trusts, as well as business entities, to hold assets for wealth creation, investment and preservation.

Contact: Allen Sparkman; Doug Foote