Internet Law

The Internet is becoming pervasive and unavoidable in all aspects of our lives. Along with the expansive presence of the Internet in our daily lives, Internet law and regulation is becoming increasingly important, while also constantly evolving. Sparkman + Foote LLP has handled many types of Internet law and technology based legal matters including, but not limited to: cyber-squatting, trademark and copyright infringement, Internet defamation, website agreements, privacy matters, data security, and advertising.

Specifically, we provide legal counsel and support for our clients’ needs in the following areas:

BitTorrent Protocol Defense (Copyright Troll Lawsuits)

Sparkman + Foote LLP has attorneys who are both locally and nationally recognized for Copyright defense in BitTorrent Protocol lawsuits. These lawsuits take specific understanding of intellectual property law, procedural law, case law, the specific parties involved, and the business model and different tactics underpinning these types of lawsuits. Additionally, the litigation strategies and law surrounding BitTorrent Protocol lawsuits is quickly evolving, and often changing. Our attorneys keep abreast of current changes in the law, have significant experience fighting these lawsuits, and are here to both educate and defend our clients’ rights.

Contact: Christina Saunders; Will Denham